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Somewhere in life, usually around the early to mid-twenties, everyone turns the page and looks upon the next chapter. The second chapter.

This is an exciting but frightful time for some. Chapter One: A Beginning was so safe – so comfortable. We had rent, maybe a car payment, perhaps even a job with some modicum of responsibility attached to it. We had the world in front of us and negligible baggage to hold us back. But the world is a big place and there are lots of possibilities – some better than others and most fraught with pitfalls or bear traps. Maybe even bear traps inside of pitfalls.

Nervous excitement is a familiar face. Fear, apprehension and doubt are in attendance. Resolve and confidence are usually the wallflowers in the back of the room, sipping on light beer. After all, we more often corral ourselves than choose the open range.

This is the point where some people close the book and stay where they are. The place in their story where they convince themselves that Chapter One is all they’ll ever need. No more unknown. No more rejection. No more risk…

And no more reward.

With a fingertip at the edge of the page and the closing sentiments of Chapter One to the left, either welcoming or bidding farewell, you now have a decision to make. Do you sit tight or pursue life?

It is my wild hope that sharing this with you is my first step towards the latter.

Hold me accountable, folks, cause I’m turning the page.


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